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How to start

How to start investing

The first stage - Registration of an account. To become an investor of YourMining, you will need to register your account. It's completely free, easy and fast. To register as a member of YourMining, click the "Register" or "Start Now" button, fill out the registration form and click "Register". Now you can use your account! We ask you to provide only full and real information about your identity when you register as a participant (investor).

How to invest and start making profits

To create a first deposit, log in to your Personal Account YourMining, using your login and password. Go to the "Open a deposit" section, select an investment plan that is right for you and determine the amount and time, invest. Choose a payment system on the wallet of which you have money (Perfect money or Bitcoin). Make a deposit given the limit on the amount (in each tariff plan your restrictions) and then follow the instructions of the payment system. Make sure that you have approved payment and added funds to your balance. This process usually takes from a few seconds to several hours.

How to make a profit

The accrual of profit occurs automatically and according to the chosen investment plan! You will receive a guaranteed profit after a certain time according to the selected investment plan. Your profit depends on your investment rate and may be at the end of the investment period or daily. Investment plans include both profit and principal and this means that your principal investment amount will not be returned separately from profit. We recommend using the profit calculator on the main page of the site for a better understanding of the work of investment plans.

How to withdraw funds to your wallet

You can withdraw the profit by using the electronic payment system by logging in to the account, then selecting the "Withdraw money" section. Fill in the amount you want to withdraw, select the payment system and click the "Withdraw" button. Then you just have to wait for the receipt of the money you requested. Your request will be processed within 24 hours. Dear investors, please note that you can withdraw money only from the wallet of the payment system with which you invested, for example, if you invest through Bitcoin, then you will be able to withdraw only through Bitcoin.